Google Lines Up Chromecast Audio alongside its 2nd Gen Chromecast Device

September 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As Google is heading for its event on September 29, geeky minds around have already got a hot list of the device prospects that are to make the debut.

Having its status near to confirmation is the new Chromecast device, with which Google will also be introducing a new audio dedicated device, called Chromecast Audio.

As per this report, the new audio-specific will be focussing on Wi-Fi control, which mainly would be directed at speakers.


Chromecast Audio will be launched with multiple audio-driven features like multi-speaker support with distinct separate Chromecast devices, instant plug-in through 3.5mm jacks, direct stream from Chrome browsers and Android smartphones.

The device will also be benefiting from the recent tie-up of Google with Spotify, boosting the current list of Chromecast support that includes Google Play Music, Pandora, and Rdio.

The announcement will be made during the event later this month, in which Google will also debut the second generation of its Chromecast device.

Many changes are expected as of now including an improved and faster WiFi support, and Fast Play feature for speedy streams.

The new Chromecast has also got its designs reworked, which now makes the device possess lesser resemblance to the dongle form factor, seen with the original first gen version.

It will also be available in three colors. The pricing of the new Chromecast is believed to be in the range of the older one.

We can also expect the debut of Google’s two new Nexus device at the same event, with the devices being manufactured respectively by Huawei and LG this year.

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