Android Fans Not Quite Fond of Apple’s New App in Google Play

September 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google products are not a scarcity in Apple devices, but that is one thing where the vice versa never got applied. However, recently, with the launch of iOS 9, Apple launched their very first app for Android users. And it seems, the Android fanboys don’t quite show a penchant for the new app.

With a run on Google Play for over just 24 hours, Apple’s Move to the  iOS app is now receiving wide backlogs from the Android adherents.

An overall score of 1.7 is what’s getting highlighted for the newbie in app rating by users. The reviews for the app have been split primarily between 5-star and one-star, but the latter part has got the lion’s share here.


More than 3,000 users gave the app a top score, but the count for the lowest star is more than four times the number, at over 14,000.

So why exactly do Android users have a problem with arrival of  Apple in Play Store? The reason has got a different perspective too.

Move to iOS is an app that helps Android users transfer their smartphone contents to an iOS device, including media files, web bookmarks, calendar syncs, messages and contacts. Now that’s one move considered by many Android fanboys to be the decoy from Apple to make Android users jump to an iOS device.

There are also numerous other reasons pointed out, like one among them being the adherence of the app towards Apple interface, rather than the material design from Google.

It does facilitate your jump to an iOS device, but we seriously cannot think of the app to be a seductive one to change the minds of Android users. Besides, we would also like to see Apple stepping up with more apps for Android ecosystem, just like Google is having for the Apple devices. And with their first attempt, we fear whether they had made the right move.

It’s also reported that the app has not been designed by Apple, but instead it is a rebooted version of an older app, called Copy My Data.  Be it either way, Android user base is on an uproar against the Apple move, which we hope will get tackled when Apple releases their next app for Android; Apple Music.

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