Amazon New Range of Fire TV Device with 4K support Lined Up

September 23, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple had made headlines with their revamped Apple TV a few days ago. And now, the space for the TV stream box has shifted towards Amazon.

Revealing their new range of Fire TV set top box, Amazon is heating up the market of TV boxes with a commanding presence compared with Apple.

The most boldly underlined feature in the new device is with its 4K stream, which even Amazon believes as the factor that keeps them ahead in the race.


The market today isn’t piled up with 4K streamers; there are only a few countable ones. But Amazon has bagged almost all the prime slots within its Fire TV, which includes services of Netflix, Amazon Video, Prime Video and a few more.

The claim is that their new Fire TV would bring 4K contents like no other, with access to 4K contents more than any other device.

Let’s also not brag about 4K like there’s nothing else in this tiny device; that would only be a wrong assessment. Amazon’s Fire TV comes equipped with some really stunning spec-arrays which you can expect from a $100 priced device.


With a 64-bit MediaTek quad-core processor, Amazon’s TV box has got a dedicated GPU to speed up things by around 75%. Besides, the 802.11ac MIMO wifi and HEVC coding will ensure that your videos get streamed without any bog downs.

Apple TV is to bring its presence in the markets next month, with the shipment expected to roll out on October 5th. A little more wait will hand you another dedicated device for your Fire TV; the new Alexa-integrated remote control.

Also, Amazon will be launching a special gaming bundle for $140 with which you will get an extra $40 game controller, and a 32GB microSD to expand your tiny box.

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