Facebook Preps Something Akin to a Dislike Button

September 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One question that has been asked the most to Mark Zuckerberg would be about the introduction of a dislike button in Facebook.

Even after having years of suggestions regarding a dislike button, and having a pile of rumors blasted throughout, Facebook has kept mum over the idea of introducing a dislike button – until now.

In a public Q&A session, the Facebook CEO has revealed that the social media platform would soon welcome a new dislike-akin button, adding that they are pretty close to winding up the final work. “We are very close to shipping a test of it”, says Mark in his reply to the dislike button queries.


Zuckerberg also went on to explain that the new button might not be working the way you think a dislike button should be. In simple words, don’t expect to bring down your most hated posts using the new button.

In fact, Facebook’s new button intends to trigger the feeling of empathy for a post that usually makes a user feel hesitant to hit the like button, like a post dealing with the death of someone.

Facebook users have already expressed their worry in witnessing piled up likes for such posts, which has been considered to alter the perspective of the ‘like’ among viewers.

As a matter of fact, Facebook is also cracking the way of highlighting serious posts, which rather would not get highlighted due to the shortage in likes. But what needs to be seen here is the Facebook mechanism that will be introduced to highlight the new button.

We are not sure of whether the new button will be arriving in all the posts you discern. There’s obviously no need of empathizing a post that showcases happy emotions.

Facebook might be shooting this down by letting people decide on whether to include the new button, before posting it to their wall.

That’s just one idea of making it work fine. Or maybe, Facebook might have got even better ones. Let’s wait and watch it ourselves once it arrives.

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