Cyanogen Wants to Go Deep with Cortana Integration

September 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Thanks to Microsoft’s cross-platform visionaries, we now have Cortana, the digital voice assistant, in Android. But it isn’t here without any pitfalls.

You will not be able to have Cortana replace your Google Now, as Microsoft is still missing the deep integration with Android devices.

But Cyanogen OS, the unofficial sibling of Android, wants to wipe such talk. Reports are that the developers are now working upon to open up the possibilities of Cortana in its Android based Cyanogen OS.


The next version of Cyanogen OS will have Microsoft’s Cortana pre-installed in it, and will have deeper integration with the digital assistant.

That might also have Google Now services replaced from the OS with Microsoft Cortana, by default. Obviously you can have it back, considering that it’s an Android based OS after all.

Nothing is sort of sure, but Cyanogen might certainly push the limits to have some new features on-board.

Despite accumulating a good score with its performance in One Plus One, Cyanogen OS hasn’t yet managed to find its presence in bulk.

Currently, Cyanogen OS runs only inside the devices from Wileyfox, Zuk, Yu, and Smartfren, each of which itself is surviving to make a name in the smartphone industry.

It also seems hard to predict how far Cortana will find success if it’s chosen on Android devices over Google Now.

Currently, the services are available only in its beta form on Androids, and we are yet to witness how it’s deeper integrated services would function, like having it activated using voice commands.

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