Twitch Android Update Brings Live Alerts and Tablet Upgrades

September 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android users have always felt a dearth in the live-streaming app Twitch when weighed against its iOS counterpart, and the issue was with the push notifications.

It sounded ridiculous, unless you had your eyes glued to the app all the time. What’s the point of having a live-stream app when it can’t inform us when the stream begins?

Anyways, Twitch is finally flushing out the naivety off their Android versions.


The new version 4.4 update for the Twitch app is now getting rolled out to Android devices, which includes smartphones, as well as tablets. And with the new update, Android users will finally be delighted when a live-stream happens to commence.

A new live alert feature inside the app will ensure that you are alerted with push-notifications for any of the live-streams that happen to be from accounts you follow.

The settings will be turned on for new users who haven’t yet downloaded the app, while users already with the app can head to the settings to check it on, and be relaxed from getting glued to the app for live-stream events.

And you can also customize the notifications, so that you can have the notifications turned on only for specific channels, and turn off the remaining ones.

Besides the push-notifications, Twitch has also brought other additions, which are more of tablet-focussed ones. Tablet users can now have video chats in landscape mode. Besides, the search bar has also been made visible for devices of all size.

The blog from Twitch explains that the new update has been made available on Google Play, as well as on Amazon Appstore. However, push notifications have been currently made available only for Google Play version. The feature has been present in iOS devices for long time.

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