TowGo Technology Rejigs Your Expertise with Trailer Tows

September 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not all of us have the skills and patience of professional truck haulers. And that’s why some brains from the world of technology have thought of giving a leg-up to such drivers who find a pain in trailer back-ups.

Briks Group, based around Portsmouth, has come-up with a new technology, called TowGo, that’s to ease all your worries with trailer back-ups.

Never again would you have to deal with the anger and frustration of having your trailers jack-knifed, neither will you require someone off the vehicle to command any orders.


And guess what, no one will even know that you are having a back-up mate. If once it was an embarrassment, then it’s now time to show-off your trailer back-up skills.

TowGo isn’t a single piece of gadget; it’s built around three individual components that combine to form your partner in trailer back-ups.

They include a hitch sensor, a steering wheel sensor, and a smartphone app, which can be run on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

While the two sensors get clasped to your trailer hitch and steering wheel respectively to gauge your driving, the smartphone app connects with these sensors to let you guide the driving by displaying the trailer movements graphically.

A white line across the display shows you where the trailer would be when you have your trailer aligned with your vehicle, letting you manoeuvre aptly for getting your trailers right on position.

The shipment of this trailer back-up assistant is expected to commence in January, 2016, upon which the device will be arriving at a price of $350.

But you could pre-order it from as low as $200 now on Kickstarter, where it’s running its crowd-funding campaign to raise $135,000.

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