Google Wallet Now Comes in a New Firm Avatar

September 16, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s a brand new app for Google Wallet now on Google Play. But wait, wasn’t there an app for the money-payment services from Google already?

Yes. But as Google had the renovation done for its logo under the Alphabet mission, there are also a few apps that have undergone similar changes. The new Google Wallet is one among them.

With a more crunchy design, Google’s new Wallet app offers access to much simpler ways for having your money transferred to your friends.


Besides, you can now also have your money transferred to debit cards or bank accounts that are linked, so no more will the app demand a user with Wallet app to get your money dispatched.

Money can be transferred to anyone now within the US, and the app doesn’t collect any extra penny for having your money transfers carried out. Moreover, the new Wallet App can also be helpful in managing your Wallet Card. Transfers can also be made from your Wallet balance.

So, why create a baffle? What’s the former app supposed to do? Google has got the answer for these queries in the description page of their old Wallet app in Play Store.

Apparently, Google will be piping out the Wallet app to have it replaced it with Google Pay, the company’s take on Apple Pay.

The former app will have itself converted to Android Pay once it gets launched by Google within the next few days, and will have more instant payment features like tap-to-pay, shifting its focus to e-commerce transfers rather within your known circle.

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