Jawbone Update Lets You Track Sleep and Heart Rates with Your Up Fitness Wear

September 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Is the absence of a sleep-tracking feature pulling you back from buying Jawbone devices? Chill. It wouldn’t be a bother anymore.

Jawbone is rolling out a new update that will add auto sleep and passive heart-rate tracking to its current range of fitness wearables.

The automatic sleep tracking feature is being introduced to Jawbone Up2, Up3 and Up4, while the passive heart-rate tracking feature can be seen only on Up 3 and Up4. Previously, the devices kept tabs of hear-counts only during sleeps.


The new passive heart-rate monitoring will have the users heart-beats recorded periodically, and also when asked using the apps.

Feeling like the Up2 users have been let down? Well, Jawbone is planning to compensate for that too. The company has unveiled a new redesign to its Up2 device which will feature a new secure hook clasp.

Jawbone claims that the new design will be helping the device to being your clasp more comfortably. Up2 users who have got an issue with the older clasp can now inform the company, and have it replaced with the new redesigned device.

Besides, Jawbone has also announced six new colour variants of the Jawbone Up2 band; violet, turquoise, black, gray, white, pink, all of which will be available at the price of $100.


Except for the violet shade, all the new colour variants will be made available in the new design.

Up3 device also have been blessed with some new colours. The $180 device can now be availed in red, navy blue, white and green colours.

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