Companion App Makes Sure You are Always Safe

September 15, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A lonely walk back home at night is scary for some.  We never can expect what we might be bumping into. And those are the times during which we wish for a companion to walk by our side.

Thanks to a bunch of students from University of Michigan we can now have such a companion whenever we wish, but only in the virtual form.

The students have given shape to a smartphone app called Companion, available on iOS as well as Android devices. Obviously, it’s not an app that sends you a walking partner.


Instead, it’s a map-based app that constantly tracks your walking progress once you set the destination and start your stroll. And it’s bothered of only one thing, that whether you are OK.

So how does it make sure that you are ok? The Companion will pop-up a safety question that reads ‘Are You OK’ recurrently, with an option to reply with a Yes in a single tap.

Once you don’t give a reply within 15 seconds, it will automatically send notifications to your close ones. You can set those numbers from your contacts, and it needn’t be of those who are connected to the Companion app.

That’s not the only way of showing concern. It can also detect the pace of your footsteps, so that it gets to know if you are running.

In such cases, it will pop-up a 15-second warning for you to cancel a notification alert that will be displayed on the pre-designated number.

A similar option also pop-ups once it finds out that the headphones are disconnected from your smartphones. Users can also access the 911 call in an instant touch, which will also share their GPS location to police instantly.

There’s also a Nervous Button that will notify you of the risk-prone areas in your route. The makers also say that such areas will be reported to university authorities, if those happen to be around the premises of Michigan university.

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