Twitter to Suggest Who to Follow Even in Your Smartphones

September 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is letting you hunt for followers not just on desktop browsers, but also with your smartphone apps.

The new update from the social networking app will now have the Who to Follow feature popped up on your iOS as well as Android devices.

Apparently, it means that you will now have to scroll more through your Twitter app if to see the live tweets from all-around; provided that the While You Were Away feature is turned on in your smartphone app.


And just like the instant dismissal of the latter with the x button tap, the new feature also lets you get it omitted from your display with a similar button-tap.

But you may not want to wipe it all at once. Because, obviously, it’s fun to check out the ones with whom we are related within the tweeting space.  Plus, the suggestions remain in-line, so a single scroll might let you jump past the feature. Access to further suggestions can be carried out by scrolling the space horizontally.

Twitter explains that the Who to Follow algorithm works on the basis of the user contacts that are uploaded to the app, be that in the e-mail form or in the number form.

Besides, they will also provide suggestions based on your location, like letting you know of accounts from your nearby areas, cities, and even of same countries. It will also have an eye on your Twitter history to filter the right matches for you to follow.

Twitter has been constantly trying to evolve the app usage to get more users hitched with their services. That includes a recent video editing tool that was introduced by Twitter for limited users on a trial basis. The service can be expected to go live for the public anytime in the coming days.

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