Samsung Galaxy View Tab Teased, Would You Love a Laptop-Sized Display?

September 12, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s become a spiel in the tablet world that devices with display size more than 10-inches are not stand-alone tablets, but convertible ones.

But Samsung is now turning that belief a fallacy with their upcoming tablet.

The new device is called Galaxy View, and it’s the next big tablet from Samsung. Having been present in the rumours during the recent weeks, the device has now got the official status from the Korean manufacturer. The teaser introduction was made during the IFA event at Berlin.


The keynote space during the Galaxy Note 5/Edge 6+was reserved for Samsung Gear S2. But the cameo of Galaxy View came shortly before it got wound up.

And with that, Samsung has finally put to rest the rumours that pattered for a bigger tablet from their house.

We have not yet been given the details about the actual size, or about its pricing. But as the way it had appeared, it really looks like Samsung is bloating up the device display like never before.

The speculations are for a device with an 18.4-inch display, or at least bigger than 15-inches.

The images also suggest that Galaxy View will feature a chamfered edge, similar to what we have seen in Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 devices.

It has also got a kick-stand, something inevitable when it comes to a tablet with the size as that of a laptop. We will get to know more this October, when Samsung will officially debut the Galaxy View.

Whether or not the biggie tablet will capture the minds of customers is something which needs to be seen in due course.

But tech-vendors believe that size indeed matters. At least, that’s what they believe as a reason for the pull back in tablet sales.

The advent of bigger-sized smartphones from all around has suffused the interest of users for tablet devices, sparing no one, including Samsung and Apple.

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