Nokia’s First Ever Android Smartphone Shows Up Online

September 12, 2015, By Alex Badinici

Nokia is on a wait. The wait is for the arrival of year 2016. That’s when they are to get unchained from the smartphone licensing contract with Microsoft.

An announcement can be expected from Nokia the very moment the contract gets expired, and time is slowly closing that gap for them.

But that doesn’t mean they are to stand still; the spadework is up and running at Nokia Technologies. And now, we are getting to know the form in which they are to make the return.

nokia leak

Snaps of an upcoming Nokia device have emerged online, and they appear to show what could their first ever Android smartphone, the Nokia C1, could be like.

The device appears to be plastic-built, and might arrive sporting curved edges and a non-sleek appearance. It also gives the feeling that Nokia will be keeping a slim-approach for their maiden venture after return.

As with the spec rumours, the 5-inch device is to have a 1080p Full HD display as opposed to the 720p display that was rumoured earlier. A RAM of 2GB will be packed inside, and will get coupled to an Intel Atom processor.

It will also be loaded with Android Marshmallow, which doesn’t sound astounding considering that it will be released only by mid-2016.

After having handed over their smartphone empire to Microsoft in 2013, Nokia is slowly making a step to get back to business once the deal expires.

Back in April, they had acquired French player Alcatel-Lucent in a $15.6 billion euro-deal that will have the Finnish company aided with network equipment. Besides the smartphone and tablet field, Nokia is also having plans for VR technologies.

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