Wacom Bamboo Spark Conveys your Longhand Scribbles on Smart Devices

September 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Stylus and e-inks are good of course. But many share the feeling that it can never let you have the fondling sense you get with real pen and paper.

Unfortunately, the latter seldom digitizes your paper-scrawls, limiting the possibility of blending your scribbles and drawings with technology. Now Wacom is up with a solution for the same.

It’s called Bamboo Spark, and you can call it whatever you want – a digital folio, smart pen, wonder longhand, or anything else. Whatever be the pet name, its duty remains the same.


Bamboo Spark will smartly catch up with your paper-writings, and will have it captured on your tablets, PCs, smartphones or anywhere you want, without missing a single stroke you made with its pen.

So how does it work? You won’t see the normal pressure sensor technology here with Bamboo Spark. Instead, it works with the combined action of an Electro-Magnetic Resonance technology and Bluetooth.

The EMR technology lets the device capture all your pen-strokes, while the transformation of your scribbles into digital format is carried out by Bluetooth, with the help of the companion app.

Up to 100 pages can be stacked in this smart folio, which will last for up to eight hours once fully charged. It works even if using it offline.

The special-ink pen can be used on any type of A5 paper (5.83 x 8.27 inches), and the only thing you must make sure is to have your inks refilled once it get exhausted, and you cannot use your normal ink here.

The special ink can be ordered from Wacom and it doesn’t come costly. A set of three inks costs only $10, with each ink pack expected to last for around three months.

The entire smart folio set is available for $160, and are available in three models that come with distinct sleeves to suite your companion device – smartphones, tablet or the iPad Air 2. The device will start its shipment next month.

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