Experience Hands-free Typing on Google Docs

September 11, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all knew it would be happening at one point of time, the voice-capturing ability in Google Docs. Now, finally it’s here.

Google has triggered the voice-dictation feature in Google Docs to let you type your documents by simply babbling out the words.

The voice-typing services in Google Docs can be activated from the Tools menu when using in Chrome.


There, you can find the option of Voice Typing that will pop-up a microphone icon once clicked. The floating icon can be tapped to capture all your voices and convert them into texts.

It works pretty well. In fact, we tried some of the above-said with Google Docs and it worked fine, except that there was a sense of misunderstanding with the symbols.

So in case you are looking for a no-look back type with the new services, we suggest you keep your hands close to the keyboards to voice-type on the go.

But we guess it will be sorted out with the flow of time, as Google has been constantly trying to expand its voice-services without any limits.

That’s also a reason why the new introduction serves more good to the voice-service itself, than to Google Docs.

Apparently, we are finding the appearance of voice-dictation from Google in almost all of its apps.

Rather than confining it to their Android services, they have been expanding to cross-platform utility, which only helps them to learn more from how the services are to respond.

Currently, Google Docs supports voices in over 40 languages. Besides the voice-dictation service, Google Doc’s new update has also introduced a new“research” feature for the Android app, which now lets users to highlight texts that can be later used to pull up related stuffs like charts or graphs.

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