Nook & Samsung Launch their Next Child: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

September 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nook, the e-reader from Barnes & Noble, is up with their next Nook-powered tablet, and it again comes from the house of Samsung.

After having churned out the first fruit from their tie-up with Samsung, the next to join the line from Samsung’s tablet range is the Galaxy Tab S2.

The previous one had come with pre-loaded Nook services was Galaxy Tab 4, both the 7-inch as well as the 10-inch versions.


The device is billed the best ever Nook, and this time coming from Samsung, it will offer 10% discount on the net price for B&N members.

There’s also a free lifetime in-store support. But apart from that, there’s nothing much for Nook to brag about with their next device.

Having got one of the best displays (including the 4:3 aspect ratio) in the Samsung tablet range, the device assures to offer the best reading experience among the bigger devices.

It also has a slim design that will only increase the readability factor. Weighing at 9.35 ounces, the device is only .22mm thick.

But considering there are other biggies in the market that doesn’t drag behind in display qualities, Nook must have put their focus upon in-app features in the device, rather than focusing more on the specs.

It needs to be seen whether users will be keen to buy the new tab just for the Nook factor.

The device is available for $399.99 (8-inch), and can be ordered from Nook’s website.

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