An App called Calculator% is Worrying School Officials and Parents

September 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apps for concealing your data in smartphones are aplenty in app stores these days. They are good, but only up to an extent. Security has been a key factor in the modern-day smartphone era, but just like everything else, it has got its own downside.

The downside is at its peak when it comes to smartphones of kids. Kids these days are brilliant enough to crack the countless measures to keep their videos and images hidden from parents or officials. One such measure that lets you keep media files stored off the daylight is Calculator%.


The name says it’s a calculator. And the appearance validates that statement. With just numbers and calculation symbols arranged systematically, it looks nothing more than a calculator.

But tap some pre-designated digits in it and the app will unlock the space that’s inaccessible by any other means.

While there are still many similar apps available, what makes it more disguised is the calculator approach it has adopted, which doesn’t leave any reason for parents to doubt the app.

And that can be risky, says Wallace Jones, the School Resource Officer for River Road School District. Jones suggests that parents must have a smartphone check daily, to keep these kinds of apps at a distance.

Apps like these could still stay off the phone in disguise, if you are not checking your kids’ smartphone daily. And the best way is to have it uninstalled, which will also have the hidden media wiped out along with it.

The app is available only for iOS devices. But given the accessibility in Android devices, there are plenty other apps that serves the same purpose for Android devices, except for that it might not be having its disguise as a calculator, at least as of now.

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