Google Maps Would Now Recommend the Best Restaurants for You

September 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Quite apparently, Google Maps seems to be suddenly concerned with your food hunt.

Recently, they had launched the Photo Notifications that wanted your foodie and restaurant snaps to be shared on Maps.

Now, they are making your restaurant hunt easier by expanding the services for restaurant recommendations.

google restaurants

Similar to the services from Foursquare, Zomato and Yelp, Google Maps will now let users surf through the local recommendations, which can also be filtered based on food choices like, time of day, and other similar choices.

Recommendations will also include photos, reviews, ratings and other stuff, along with the location.

The recommendations will be based on both the Google Map algorithm, as well as editorial picks. The latter will also be highlighting the local flavors.

Other criteria like user reviews, cost, and local opinions will also be considered by Google before making the recommendation. Data from its own Zagat service will also be used by Google Maps as an aid.

The service is currently being tested, and is made available for the cities of New York, San Francisco, and London.  The service will be expanded to more cities before pulling it out of the test phase.

An update has also been released alongside for Android devices to ease the restaurant search, which includes options like Best Dinner and Best Lunch, and other similar categorizations of restaurants and cuisines to surf effortlessly and precisely with in-depth details. There’s no word on whether the update will be made available for iOS devices.

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