Skylake Could be the Best Ever Processors from Intel

September 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s hard to find the right poise between PCs and tablets these days. With the heavy influx of smartphone technologies, the PC world is undergoing a sudden dip, which is expected be around 10% this year. But Intel, the end-word for computing technologies, is stepping up to raise the graph for PCs.

At Santa Clara, Intel revealed their sixth-gen range of processors, codenamed Skylake.

Going by the words uttered by the company, these would be the best ever processors that is to arrive for personal computers from the house of Intel, or probably from any other manufacturer.


Better battery life, better graphics and low power consumption; these are yet again the key highlights of Intel’s new chip.

But more than that, what matters is the trimmed design that’s to find the perfect fit in compact laptops and notebooks to match up with the offerings of tablet range of devices.

Analysts believe it’s for the first time they are having a technology that could bring out PCs with the characteristics of tablets.

It’s not that tablets are having the world of PCs seem underpowered. Yet, the factor of portability has been increasingly widening the preference for tablets over the bulkier PCs. That’s what Intel is trying to shoot down, with their new Skylake processor.

“Laptops that are thin and light, with no compromise over power, and with an all-day battery life for the sub-700 dollar range.” That’s how the end-result looks like when Skylake makes its way into the PC segment.

As of now, it’s hard to imagine a laptop that highlights the key features of having a tablet. But that could change with the advent of these energy-efficient processors that could cut down, both the size as well as price of laptops to half.

Apart from these, the necessity of replacing the PCs may also be playing a key part in upping the sales of PCs this year. Around 1 billion PCs that are 3 years old and over 500 million PCs are 4 to 5 years old, Intel points out.

Those are the machines that are inching closer towards a replacement, and Skylake could be the one-stop answer when the thoughts for a new machine strike in the minds of those users.

The new chips from Intel will be making its way to our midst this holiday season, but not to everyone.

Desktops, laptops, and notebook-tablet hybrids arriving this holiday will come coupled with Skylake, as well as the older Broadwell processors. But it might be soon spreading its reach once its hits the market.

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