Nest Thermostat Gets 3rd Gen Upgrade; Bigger display and Better Sensors

September 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The energy-saving thermostat from Google is having its next face change. Nest Thermostat V. 3.0 has now been announced by Google, and it comes with some fine upgrades, like a better display, better range, bettered sensors, and some cool new features.

The 3rd Gen device looks pretty much the same like the previous version, but has been designed to become smaller, and sleeker.

The thin-sleek design from Google has induced a cutting edge over the predecessor, which looks even sharper with the refined display.


The 1.75 inch display from the previous version now gets replaced with a bigger, 2.08-inch display, which also packs a better resolution of 480×480 pixels (version 2.0 packed a resolution of 320×320).

There’s also a new intelligent feature called the Farsight, which can turn off the device when you are away. It automatically welcomes you with the temperature display once you step in to the room. It also gets loaded with a couple of new clock faces, with an option to set it to analog as well as digital.

Integration with other Nest devices has always been a key part of Nest Thermostat, and the new device just ushers the support for connected devices. Nest devices now receive more control of the Thermostat. Say, if you are away, the Nest Cam will automatically turn on to monitor the Thermostat and your room.


You could also switch to your mobiles or tablets to control the Nest Thermostat with the dedicated app provided for Android and iOS devices. Voice commands are now supported too, inside the Google app.

In their blog, Google explains that the device has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy as of 2011 with its consumption in millions of homes across the world, which comprises of a 12% saving on heating bills, and a 15% saving on cooling bills with the Nest Thermostat.

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