Nextbit Robin Cloud-centric Smartphone is the New Biggie on Kickstarter

September 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Robin; the name may sound a bit atypical for a smartphone. But that’s the way it is; this one from the startup called Nextbit is different.

You will get all the modern-day spec line-ups in this device without any omission. Plus, you will be welcomed by a new cloud-storage experience that’s completely different from your smartphone experiences.

Nextbit was formed by some former employees from Google and HTC, and what they eyed at while building the startup was to provide an intelligent smartphone that would adapt the way the user wants, specifically with its storage.


That’s how they came up with the cloud-centric idea of flushing out the non-essentials into the cloud when not in use.

Robin makes use of its 100GB cloud storage to smartly switch the apps and other data between your in-built storage and cloud storage, depending on the way they get used. That’s to smartly utilize the space you reserve for new stuff in your in-built storage.

In a sense, you will be never running out of space even if you forget to manually move your data to the cloud; Robin will do it all for you.

The device is billed as the first smartphone in world that pushes cloud storage to the core of its functioning.

But don’t think the makers have designed a new OS for making this happen. Robin will be running the latest from Android, which of course is tweaked to pull out the best for its cloud.

It also has got some familiar and high-end hardware to bring out a premium smartphone experience.

The 5.2-inch device runs a Full HD display, and is powered by a Snapdragon 808 processor and RAM of 3GB inside. 32 GB is what you get as device storage. The camera in the rear is of 13 MP, which comes paired with a 5MP front-cam.

There are also some other noticeable features like NFC, fingerprint sensors, and quick-charge technology for its 2680mAh battery.

Having started its journey with an aim to gather $50,000 in its crowd-funding campaign, Robin has already eased past its aim with 29 days more to go before it winds up the campaign.

Still, you could keep on backing it, as Nextbit is offering a free quick charger with every bundle if its crosses $1million.

Backers can pre-order the product for $349 now, which is $50 less than its actual retail price. The device is expected to be shipped after February, next year.

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