Cuteness Reloaded in New Line Launcher

September 2, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Users subscribed to Line might be well aware of the personalization tools it has got for you.

Deco is one among them, which comes out of the Line app to offer you a collection of wallpapers, icons, themes and more. Now it just gets richer, with a new launcher called the Line Launcher.

The launcher from the messaging app Line has heavily got its spadework done from two apps; Deco and Dodol. The new launcher is in fact built around the Dodol launcher, with heavy influx of themes and icons from its own Deco app.


The UI is basically the same, but there are plenty of new theme-packs, widgets and icons that aid the new rebranding for this launcher.

There are more than 3000 choices for users to choose from, letting them have the launchers designed with a personal taste. You can also have Brown, Sally and other Line friends now on your homepages.

What come next are the new features like battery monitoring, memory boost, app update tools and more. A one-touch button on the home screen now lets you kill the running apps to hike your battery.

There’s also a quick-edit button that lets you jump between the launcher settings instantly.

The app is available for free in Play Store. However, you will have to shell out some few extra pounds if to get some new stickers and themes.

That’s optional; you still can run the launcher with tons of themes even without having to pay anything extra.

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