Make Your Dumb Home Appliances Smart with the New LG SmartThinQ

September 1, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You might be thinking that your gadgets at home are ultimately smart. But then, they may not be as smart as you think. On the contrary, many of them could be dumb too!

What do you do when you realize that your home gadgets are a bit dumb? You would look for better stuff, right? LG has now come up with a smarter alternative.

The company’s new SmarThinQ sensors have been made and rolled out for you now so that you would get to transform your refrigerators, cookers, washing-machines and what not into smarter applainces.


What makes the new sensor even more awesome is that it can add remote control functionality to devices such as air conditioners. Also, it has the capability to constantly monitor all your gadgets  by alerting you on your smartphone.

The inbuilt vibration sensor feature would udate and alert you in case there is something you need to know.

Likely to be showcased at the IFA later this week in Berlin, the LG SmartThinQ is being positioned as an innovation that could make your traditional home appliances “smart-aware”.  Coming in with a circular form factor, the device can be attached to your home gadgets so as to sense and alert feedback on how smart they have turned out to be.

The SmartThinQ app that can be downloaded on to your smartphone would keep you updated on how the appliances perform even when you aren’t watching.  For instance, if a food item in your refrigerator is nearing expiry, the app would sent you an alert so that you can remove it as fast as you could. Further, it can also be attached to your smart doors so that you can know how many times each door has opened or closed.

So when it arrives at the IFA podium between September 4 and 9, make sure you are there for the demo.

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