Cortana now Arrives for US Androids in Public Beta

August 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has now made Cortana accessible for every Android user in the US. The personal digital assistant has now been rolled out to Android devices in its beta form for the public, shedding its closed beta usage.

The announcement was made by Microsoft in its blog, which explains that the Android version will feature a decent chunk of the services made available in PC and Windows Phone versions.

But don’t expect to trigger Cortana by just babbling Hey Cortana. That won’t be working out for the Androids, at least for now.


Other features that are absent from the Cortana include toggling settings, and opening the apps using it. However, Microsoft assures that services like web-searches, reminders, and information tracking will be up and running in the Android versions, just like it is with the Windows devices.

The current roll out comes out as a part of Microsoft’s strategy to transform Cortana into a cross-platform service, including Android and iOS support that was announced during May. There’s no word yet on the iOS version, and as of when the Android devices from outside US will get access to Cortana.

But they are working it out, and it can be expected to be rolled out to the rest of the regions soon. As of now, they are seeking for the feedbacks from the US Android users to improve the new experience for users.

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