Asus Zenphone 2 is the Speed King in Battery Charging

August 26, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After having showcased some beefy storage with their Zenfone 2 smartphone in the Brazilian markets, Asus is yet again in the news for another key feature.

And this time around, it’s for the sheer battery charging efficiency its flagship has been delivering.

Smartphone reviewers at Tom’s Guide went through some of the quick-battery charging devices among the flagships, with an aim of determining the one that unplugged the chargers at the earliest.


The winner was Samsung’s Galaxy S6, which cranked the top notch in just 1 hour and 22 minutes. So where did the Asus smartphone excel?

It was only with the overall charging rate that Asus dragged behind Samsung’s flagship to fill the juice. But factors like battery capacity play a key role there.

Samsung’s S6 comes with a battery of 2550 mAh, while Asus packed a rather bulkier battery of over 3000 mAh.

That’s why they decided to have a shorter inspection of the devices in shorter sessions of charging. And that’s where the Taiwanese device showed its worth.

To hit a level of 32% for Zenfone 2, all it took was around 15 minutes, which was indeed the quickest among the smartphone flagships opted for the test.

Apart from Galaxy S6, the other devices that came behind Zenfone 2 were LG’s G4, Motorola’s Droid Turbo, and Google’s Nexus 6.

All of these do boast of quick-charging techniques, and in effect, it was the one from Asus that proved to be the most effective.

The point that was proved out here was that smart charging techniques have something to boast about in smartphone devices.

Not all devices without these techniques prove to excel when it comes to quick-session charging, be it even from Apple which takes up more than two and a half hours to have the charge filled up to the brim.

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