Firefox to Open Up Support for Chrome and Opera Extensions

August 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Being a favorite among browsers has got its credit split to multiple factors, and not to the stunning load times and secure offerings alone.

Sometimes, that could be dependent on the add-ons and extensions being thrown to the users to have a full utility of their browser features.

It is due to this very own fact that we have seen many Firefox users flee off to Chrome and other browsers. But Mozilla believes that they could put an end to this browser migration, with the advent of their new API that’s targeting cross-platform add-on support.


Web Extensions, is the new extension API employed by Mozilla to offer the best for add-on developers, as well as for the users.

It’s the one that’s designed to open up the possibilities of having a Chrome and Opera-alike model for the development of add-ons for Firefox.

And in turn, it will effectively roll out add-ons that will have no polarity with the ones used in Chrome or Firefox.

Developers can easily have the extensions used for Chrome injected to Firefox OS with minor rejigs. Similar is the case with Opera extensions, and Microsoft’s Edge will also get added to the list once it gets the official support for extensions.


Kev Needham of Firefox also points out that the current add-ons will have to be revised to cope up with the new API.

Although with a single codebase working for multi-platforms, the process of reviewing the add-ons for Firefox compatibility may seek a bit of time and effort at first, for both current add-on developers as well as the one who wants their Chrome and Opera extensions for Firefox.

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