Apple to Replace Your iPhone 6 Cameras if Proven Faulty

August 25, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Not often does a blurry photo come associated with the downside of your camera devices; you might have to curse your own device-holding and photographic skills in such instances.

But in case if you were snapping using an iPhone 6, chances are that you can be proud of your photographic skills, and start blaming your device for those crappy images.

The Cupertino  company has declared that a small percentage of iPhone 6 devices have been subject to manufacturing defect. The defect has been found with the rear iSight cameras on these devices, leading to camera images that appear to be blurry.


The defective devices are those that were sold in between September 2014 and January 2015, but not all of them. Apple’s website reads that the defective devices fall under only a limited number serial range.

Users with an iPhone 6 can check Apple’s site to see whether their devices fall under that limited range. Users will have to provide the serial number to check with the eligibility for replacement.

There’s no reason to get disappointed even if you find yourself unlucky. Apple is offering a complete replacement for all of such defective camera pieces.

You could head out to Apple Service Provider, retail store or any Apple technical centre to have your iSight cameras replaced at no extra cost.

Users will however have to get other relative defects, like screen cracks if any, sorted out before having their camera replaced, which unfortunately might cost you the normal service charges.

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