VHS Camcorder App Makes Your Videos Go Old and Retro

August 24, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Want to head back to the 80s and 90s? Here’s an app that unbolts the window for such a possibility.

It isn’t any time machine, but a simple video recording app that shuttles you back to the camera eyes of the late 1900s.

It’s called VHS Camcorder, and as the name implies it’s more of a camcorder app than a smartphone app.


And, that’s because it turns your iPhone camera eye into that from a camcorder of the 80s, letting you create retro VHS-alike footages with all those bold and white date and time scribbling at the bottom space.

The idea of the app is not something novel.

Even the basic cameras of present-day smartphones provide the retro option to insert a bit of grains here and there and roll your videos back in the calendar pages.

But this one is a bit different, and appears to be the one that brings out the most precise retro-mode video till date in smartphones.

Videos can be recorded in either a faded tint, or in the black and white mode to go further old.

Also, there is an option to tweak the date and time display, in case if you want to add that extra edge to trick your pals.

Videos can even be recorded in 1080p resolution, and frame rates can be set in between 23 and 30.

Creating retro videos does come at a price, but only to have a copy. There are no in-app advertisements or purchases. VHS Camcorder app is available at the iTunes for $3.99.

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