BlackBerry Android Shows Up Yet Again, This Time With a Sliding Keypad

August 21, 2015, By Daniel Rapcencu

It was only during last month we heard rumours that hinted at the prime BlackBerry Android inching closer to the markets. We are not at a stage yet to confirm the matter; however the new leaks are forcing us to lean more towards it.

The latest rumour is that there are two Android devices in the offing from BlackBerry. The one with codename Venice is now believed to be arriving with a slider form.

The device in the older snap that floated around as Venice is now untagged, but it’s still in the making as suggested by the pictures revealed alongside.  The bigger smartphone has now got some new snaps to its name, revealing its bigger sized physical keypad, yet without any slide factor.

The leaks have also brought about a closer GIF imagery of the sliding keypad in Venice, which now appears to be designed sleeker.

The inter-key spacing also seems to be lesser than in the other BlackBerry Android. But that’s digestible; After all, it arrives from Blackberry and we can never expect them to pullout something disappointing when it comes to physical keypads.

The leaks also suggest that the Android version used in the new Blackberry would stick close to the stock Android Lollipop version, without any major tweaks from the manufacturers.

The decision from Blackberry to keep thir hands off custom OS works may still have a change, as we are yet to receive any official release dates for the Android devices.

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