Hyundai Shuns Prevailing Genesis Outlook with New Vision G Concept

August 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It definitely reads Genesis on its front and rear badges, but this new coupe from Hyundai does not in any sense reflect the premium coupe lineage. In fact, it’s something more from the South Korean manufacturer.

Called Vision G, this new concept from Hyundai was unveiled at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where we actually got only a glimpse of what to expect from its grandeur launch this Sunday at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.


The Vision G is testimony to the company’s luxury segment. With a sleek design that dashes off with all of the concepts that came out of the wraps until now, Hyundai explains their model as ‘luxury with no apologies’. It’s in no way the successor to the Equus flagship, and it didn’t have to be. Or rather, it must not have to be.

The first half sales of their current flagship has got the figures just crossing the one-thousand mark, highlighting a 34% dip from the previous year sales for the period. That’s with the backdrop that even the smaller version from the Genesis family has notched an increase in sales this year.

hyndai vision-g-coupe-concept-2

We are yet to fully get an insight of this new concept except for its looks. But we have come to know some of its new salient changes, like the curved navigation system on its center stack, re-positioning of the outside door handles to door panels, and the new ‘valet door’ that opens when the driver comes near.

There is more to expect, and it promises to be appearing brighter than ever for Hyundai.

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