Google OnHub Wi-Fi Router Sports Cylindrical Form

August 20, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s quite amusing to check how Google is building up their Internet of Things world.

With products like Nest and Brillo, it seemed like they were heading with pace, and then out of the blue came the new announcement on Tuesday, that of a wireless router. Has that got anything to do with the Internet of Things?

Not much actually. In fact, Google is shaping up their new wireless router to get more of the mass be aware of Google services, and maybe subsequently of the Internet of Things.


It’s called OnHub; Google’s new wireless router that looks like a black coated beaker. And like promised by the rest, it’s faster, reliable and more secure than the current line-ups. Technical aid for their new router has been offered by TP Links, so it appears that Google’s first-time experience with the router segment might not be disappointing.

Priced at $199, OnHub is claimed as a device that has taken a leap ahead in a ‘neglected part of the technology’.

That’s for the way it adapts to the users wishes, with special software and upgrades that lets you take full control of the router via the app, named Google On

With the help of this app, you could set which device gets the most bandwidth, so that your smartphone doesn’t eat up all the data while streaming your favorite show on TV.

The initial setup takes only around three minutes, and comes with other options like easy share of passwords via Google On app.

The app also comes handy to perform network diagnosis, easily letting you troubleshoot the issues even if you are away from home.

There’s no official release date as of yet for this new Wi-Fi router, but it can be expected to be shipped by this month as Google has already commenced the pre-orders for OnHub in US and Canada.

Users can pre-order Google OnHub either from Google’s online store, or from Amazon, Walmart, and TP Link Store.

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