Google’s Dedicated Website for Hangouts Now Turns More Serious

August 19, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Only a few among you might have known that there existed a dedicated page for Hangouts users on the web. Now it’s going to get more recognized, as Google has brought a sought-after official re-launch, introducing the new fully revamped dedicated page for Hangouts chats.

The new redesign looks heavily inspired from the common IE platforms, with an IM window on its left and instant access to make video and voice calls put up on the centre of the page.


There are three buttons distinctively placed on the welcome screen to let you message, phone or video call via the web from your Hangouts circle. The IM window on the left has been kept with a similar tone as of that in the Gmail versions of Hangouts.

Other new shortcuts include buttons to capture a screenshot, and also to instantly share your screen view with contacts. There is also an option to add other apps and services like Ring Central, Flat, and Google Art Project.

While a dedicated page for a messenger service born out of your mail accounts makes little sense, it does however bring the ease of access and usage for those who are frequently tied up with the Hangouts services rather than Gmails.

Making calls now appears to be more convenient and swift, which is pretty much what a casual Gmail user would hope to happen, although it is within the mail window.

Even with the Hangouts services remaining familiar within the Gmail and smartphone boundaries, seldom of those users might have get to know of the dedicated services. Such is its unfamiliarity that some are even seeing the redesign as an entirely new URL.

That also pretty much reflects why Google has completely made the overhaul to their Hangouts service for the web.

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