Marshmallow: That’s What Google Would Call the Next Android

August 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mint, Meringue, Marmite, Molasses, Maltloaf; these were some of the names that flooded the speculation columns whenever the discussions centred around the possible name of the next Android version.

Ever since Google started their work with Android 6.0/ Android M, the run was behind the sweet candy dessert world to resolve what the M stands for.  And now, Google is out with the official name, and it’s called Marshmallow.


In their latest blog, the developers explain that it’s the sugar filled spongy confectionary that would serve as the name and face for their next Android. With the new name, Google is also giving the affirmation that they are drifting off from the promotional partnership-based naming stratagem, like it was with version 4.4, KitKat.

The announcement for the final developer preview version was also made alongside in the blog, with which they will be rolling out the final Android 6.0 SDK.

The new changes in the developer preview will include Fingerprint API, enabling better error reporting and an enhanced enumeration support.

It will also bring out a direct share feature between Android devices, and will present the final interface for the permission set-ups.

The initial preview of their new Android happened during the Google I/O conference in May. And now, with the final developer version being rolled out, speculations are boiling that they might be pushing out the new version ahead of schedule, possibly during October this year.

There is no official confirmation regarding that, though. Rumours from all around also suggest that Android Marshmallow would be making its debut in the new Nexus devices that will be brought to the market by LG and Huawei separately.

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