LastPass is a One-Stop Service for All Your Passwords

August 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s nothing more annoying like messing up your passwords when you really need them.

We have a countless number of app and internet services, and with each demanding unique mixes and permutations, it’s quite common that we end up with multiple passwords.

But we now have an app designed dedicated to manage all those under one hood.


The app that lifts all the tension off our brains is LastPass, which has now become more accessible. The app makers are now axing the paid-service, at least partially, making the app accessible to anyone on any device.

Developers of LastPass have announced in their blog that the password manger service is now free of charge on all devices. Current users who are having the trial services of the app will also be automatically switched to the free version.

Users can get hooked up with the app for free, unless they decide to sync the app data between platforms; which means, your LastPass app data cannot be synced between a tablet and smartphone, or between a smartphone and PC.

However, you could still swap the details on a single platform to any number of devices, and it will shell out no extra penny from your pockets.

There is a free-trial period of 14 days if you decide to trigger the cross-platform support, following which you could buy the premium version for $12 a year.

There is also an Enterprise version available that features cost-effective password management tools to businesses, and it costs $24 for a year.

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