Facebook to Fetch Breaking News Live on Your Devices

August 18, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is gearing up for a new frontier, and that’s to show the world that notifications aren’t the only stuff they could pop up in your devices.

In fact this time, it’s even something that’s fetched from outside of your social networking perimeters –  live and breaking news

The new service won’t be accompanying the Facebook app. The services are being currently developed by Facebook to be rolled out as a distinct app.

Facebook-breaking news

And it even might not have a lineage to share with your social networking account. All it requires is your suggestions to what kind of news you would rather like to be updated with.

As it sounds, the new app will be providing an easy gateway for you to access your favorite publications instead of being a news platform of its own. The app will provide the option for you to choose your favorite publications from a limited list.

Users could opt for feeds from multiple publications. There will also be option to provide the topics you want to get popped up in your device, and Facebook will ensure that you are notified with only those news that meet your preset choices.

The notifications will display news with minimal characters (maximum of 100 characters), and will guide you the respective news publication once clicked, where you can read the entire news as it is.

There is no word on when the app would show up in the app-stores. Reports explain that the app is currently only going through its Alpha stages, which definitely means that there could be many improvements and tweaks when the app comes out in the full fledged form.

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