Plex Revamps App Services for iPhone and iPad

August 17, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s hard to imagine an upgrade-less app on the app store. But over the recent past, Plex  was one such app that stayed quiet on the update scene. Not anymore!

Plex users could now reckon that as the silence before the storm, as the media-playing app has now showered a beefy update on the iOS version.

The new update is bulky, and there’s plenty to look forward in it; design overhaul, multi-disc support, related movie suggestions, chapter additions, and many more.

plex on iPhone-6

Plus, the app now also becomes freely available. But you still have to pay via in-app purchases if you want to be powered with fully functional features.

The two new external integrations come in the form of Rotten Tomato and ChapterDb, the latter which now lets you swap through chapter selection within a movie. The movie ratings on Rotten Tomato are now carried along with the app, with assurance that reviews will soon get popped up in it.

The app will now also let you control the big-screen app, giving you the convenience of using it as a remote. There’s also an option now to guide your camera videos straight to your Plex player, not just in your iOS device.

An updated version 2.0 of the Sync has also been triggered on the update, which promises to be faster, reliable and more efficient than the previous mode of mobile sync.

The upgrade will be slowly knocking your device in the background, or head to the app store if you want to strain at the leash.

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