Microsoft Sway Web-based Presentation Service Now Public

August 14, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft has pulled down the curtains for the beta-period of its cloud-based presentation app, Sway.

The tech giant explains that its presentation services can now be accessed through phones, mobiles, PCs and laptops by any customer who are subscribed to Office 365 business or student services.

Besides, the app is also making its way into the recently launched Windows 10 OS, explains their blog. With the public rollout, Microsoft believe that the subscription will be hitting a jump with the offering of immense presentation features for reports, assignments, projects and more, which would find use in businesses, as well as schools and other organizations.


The cloud-based presentation kit was introduced as an advanced presentation service in October 2014, offering many of the modern-day cloud features that drifted it from Microsoft’s own PowerPoint.

An app version was also introduced later for the iOS devices, which however was also a web-based access similar to the PC version.

Besides providing a platform for interactive content creation, Sway also brings out some handy features like search suggestions, letting you drag down images, videos and tweets based on you content instantly.

Microsoft explains that the preview mode has helped them come-up with major tweaks in their services, like multi-user collaboration and cropping features present in the new public version.

The app has been made available as a free service, with Microsoft letting installation on up to 10 devices with single Office account.

There has been no word on an Android app as of now from Microsoft and is currently available on Web, Windows 10 and iOS platforms.

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