One Plus to Launch Next Device this December

August 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What’s the key to a flagship success? At least some would believe that it lies in the timely launch, even if packing spellbinding features in it.

One Plus is a company that has adhered to this principle well with the recent launch of One Plus Two, and they are gearing up to repeat it with their next device.

It’s only a couple of weeks since the launch of their second flagship device, and One Plus is already putting their brains and hands upon the next device. Indeed not like Samsung or Apple, whose devices get to the news even a year before its launch.


In fact, One Plus is acting quickly for their next device, as they are expecting the launch of the next smartphone by the end of this year.

The revelation was made by company co-founder and CEO Carl Pei. Speaking to USA Today, he said that there will be a new One Plus device in the market when it’s Christmas. Unfortunately, that’s the only info he has let slipped.

Pei has kept quiet over whether the new device would be their next big flagship, the One Plus 3. So possibility is also that it could turn out to be a smaller mid-range device from the Chinese manufacturers.

What was revealed by Pei was that he was impressed by the prototype version of the new device. Had there been any signs of when the prototype was developed, we could have had speculations. But as of now, we are a far cry away from deciding whether it could be a non-flagship device from the company.


But let’s also recall the fact the company has just rolled out two devices as of now, the One Plus One on April last year, and the recent One Plus 2 which was launched this month.

So will there be a rush to bring out their next big device? If yes, then it certainly must be something big, and impressive and it must take no time to impress us like it did with Pei.

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