Dr Now Online Medical Consultation Catching Up

August 10, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

App vendors are easing almost all our every-day activities by turning them to a button-push activity, and they are not sparing the field of medical consultations either.

The latest to join the spree is Dr Now, an online consultation app developed by a Liverpool-based startup.

The benefit of the app is not just in sharing your medical concerns to general practitioners by being at home, but also in having someone to fetch the medicines to your doorstep.

Dr Now

A payment of £4.99 as subscription charges to Dr Now app means you are offered with health services for an entire month, with a single video consultation costing you £29. That also covers the home-delivery of diagnostic test kits and medicines within a single day or within four hours if you happen to be residing at central London.

As of now, Dr Now has got around 250 doctors registered in their list to be online when you knock the app door. In case if they cannot be handy with the online consultations, the app will also refer you to the nearest National Health Service.

Savvas Neophytou, one of the Dr Now co-founders explains that the app will serve as a boon to skip the waiting time for consulting private GPs.

And with around 90% of the GP diagnoses requiring no physical examination, it does give the sense that users will be tempted to do-away with direct consultations, which is also highlighted with the active registrations in similar apps.

Dr Now, as stated by the company, is the “only medical app in the world which actually offers medicines delivered to a patient’s door in a 4 hour window”, and that, is the app’s “main USP”. In a soft launch mode as of now, Dr Now, which has been racing past  competitors, will have a full launch the October.

The app rather stepped down into people’s midst silently, and we could only expect the new app to give online video consultations a required jolt in the United Kingdom in the coming days.

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