Nokia OZO Could be the World’s First Commercially Available VR Cam

August 8, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even in the midst of a smartphone recession, Nokia is gearing up with OZO, a compact globular device aimed to enrich the scopes of VR.

The new device is a VR-centric camera, specifically designed to capture day-to-day surroundings and activities, which can be later transformed into VR imageries suitable for gaming and similar applications.

With a spherical form, OZO packs eight image sensors that are packed around its body to capture stereoscopic images from around.


Along with these, a set of microphones are arranged alongside the camera sensors, which makes sense as to why it’s been billed as an essential VR camera.

Sounds captured using the multi-microphones will be letting the device reflect the exact direction when being projected upon a VR. 3D imageries will be brought about on a real-time basis, omitting the requirement of merging the images for 360-degree panoramic views.

Nokia has also announced a technological tie-up with Jaunt, the very same company that grabbed the eyeballs with their cinematic VR camera called Neo.

Other specifications and pricing details can be expected to be announced before it makes its way into the markets on Q4, 2015, which will also make it the world’s first commercial VR camera.

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