Microsoft Arrow Launcher App is an Interesting Addition

August 7, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new app is in the offing for Android users from Microsoft, and it might just be edging off the hunger of those in look-out for a new launcher.

It’s the launcher app named Arrow we are speaking about and it is currently undergoing its beta phase. You could guess by now, why there isn’t an iOS release.

Arrow Launcher presents a non-complicated layout that keeps in mind your recent and frequent activities. A three-page layout lists your four most recent apps, alongside the array of some of the most used apps on the home center page.


Swipe it left and it would pop up a People tab, displaying the recently contacted numbers and your contacts. The right-page of the interface is dedicated for notes and reminders.

Placed on the bottom dock are some usual shortcut combos along with an app drawer, a plus in this launcher. Arrow’s app menu provides a neat interface, where apps are arranged alphabetically in a vertical manner.

A search bar on top can be used to switch jump to the app, or you could make use of the alphabet scrolling like in Windows Phone.

There’s also a shortcut menu on the home screen, above the app dock, which shows you a list of customizable shortcuts, and a row of recent contacts below it.

You could also enter the settings page of launcher app here, which for now only provides you the option to change the wallpaper. Another interesting stuff here is the option to enable daily Bing wallpaper.

It’s not sure when Microsoft will be putting the app on to the app stores. As of now, Arrow is undergoing an invite-based private beta program, which you could try out by accessing their Google+ page.

In case if you not patient enough to wait for the request grant, there’s an alternate apk download option, which of course can be risky and not the one we would suggest.

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