ShotTracker Basketball Coaching Wearable Goes Official

August 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s a gadget that wants to embrace your wrists, and thank god it’s not dedicated to just fitness purposes. We have a plethora of fitness-centric wearable out there in the market and that’s what draws our attention towards this new basketball coaching wearable.

In fact, it has even managed to grab the eyes of National Association of Basketball coaches, who have now tagged the device as their ‘Official Wearable Technology’.


The name of this basketball coaching wearable is ShotTracker, and it lends a hand to players and coaches. It comes in two pieces; the net sensor that can be attached to nets of all types, and the wrist sensor which can be coupled with wrist bands or sleeves.

The combined action of these sensors is focused on providing data and analysis of player’s skill in shooting, with its database centered on the player stats like misses, makes, attempts, workout practices and the like.

The accompanying app analyses all these data and provides interpretations for both the players as well as coach.

While the device guarantees to provide on and off the court records, many believe that it would serve the most in bringing out off-season skill training sessions of players to the coach.

That’s an area specialized by the new device, since more than 90 percent of the coaches remorse the lack of visibility of their players training during the off-season period.

This was reflected in the survey carried out by ShotTracker, which also explains that majority of the coaches are currently unhappy with the off-season skill improvement players are exhibiting.

Speaking of their new collaboration, Jim Haney of NABC said that ShotTracker featured a crucial technology that would ease the path for coaches and players to excel. With ShotTracker bringing transparency to the players training, coaches could now be more involved with improving the fundamental skills.

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