Fasetto Shares Files at Meteoric Speeds, Sans Internet

August 6, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Step back a few years, and it used to be when an app that was untied from the internet world was considered primitive. But time has evolved, and so has the present-day app technologies.

Newbie apps are slowly wiping out the requirement of a working data connection, and that’s by switching on to the more advanced way of integration. Prominent among them is Fasetto .

Fasetto 1Basically, it’s a cloud-based app that throws to you all the services of internet cloud. Files can be uploaded and accessed whenever you want, and wherever you are, and users could add up to 10GB of data in their account once logged in. You could also expand it up to 100GB at the price of $10 per month.

But here’s the better part with this cloud-sharing service, and that’s its cross-platform content sharing capabilities.

Fasetto not just lets you have your data secured, but also lets you share content to other devices, without even having an access to a working data or Wi-Fi connection. What makes this possible is a peer-to-peer transport layer technology, which they call ARCH.

Fasetto 2

Users are only required to setup a QR code from the app, and the other device to which the file has to be shared can be used to scan this code, following which the files will be transferred to the device in a matter of few seconds.

There’s no limit to the size either. Plus, it also lets you message your Fasetto friend list.

The app is currently available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, with a plan to extend it to the PCs later.

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