Yahoo Audio-less Video Chat App Linetext Looks Promising

August 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s a new chat app on the Net space from Yahoo, and it’s called Linetext. But how does it differ from the rest?

The newbie from Yahoo is a video-chat app, and the difference here is that there won’t be any voice that accompanies your videos.

Yahoo announces the new app to be an audio-free app as they consider the audios in chats to be hindering conversations.

With the wipe-out of audio, Yahoo intends to provide a mean of connecting that’s quick and non-intrusive, also letting users to open the video messages without any second thoughts.

Instead of audio support, Linetext will offer you chances to exchange info in the form of text inscribed inside the video, similar to the image chat services of Snapchat. Also, you could have the video chats only on individual chats, as Linetext abstains itself from group chatting.

There are also no video restrictions on Linetext, as the app puts no time-limit to the videos exchanged. So you could even have audio-less video calls over the app. It will also erase the videos after being watched once, so you needn’t be worried of storage eat-ups.

The app was announced in Manhattan recently by Adam Cahan, Yahoo’s SVP of Video, Design and Emerging Products. Linetext made its debut on iTunes store in the markets of Hong Kong and Thailand, and is available in the US markets now.

The app also marks the return for Yahoo to the instant messenger platform, after the abandoning of Yahoo Messenger services. With a new app and an entirely new chat platform, it needs to be seen how Yahoo will manage to establish in a market, which already has got heaps of similar apps and services.

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