Sony Pairs Up with ZMP to Offer Business-Centric Drones

August 5, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Japanese electronics giants Sony is banding together with local players ZMP, a collaboration that eyes a future in the field of drones. The new venture is called Aerosense, and will hop on to the production base of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles for an enterprise-centered approach.

That means, Sony’s future drones might not be pecking your doors to handle delivery packages; neither would it have its control being handed to you.

Instead, the entry of Sony into the world of drones purely revolves around entrepreneurial requirement, at least with their Aerosense venture.


The drones being rolled out under the Aerosense label will have image capture technologies married with cloud-based data processing. The primary use of these drones will be to aid enterprises related to various fields like telecom, agriculture, town planning and the like, by providing and analyzing the required data such as measurement, surveying, observation and inspection.

The collaboration will witness the input of Sony in the form of technologies required for image capture, sensing, telecommunications and robotics. ZMP will have them engaged with the autonomous driving and other robotic technologies for Aerosense, whose stakes have been currently split with Sony holding 50.005% and ZMP holding 49.995%.

Aerosense will have its official establishment this month. However, Sony explains that Aerosense would be entering the commercial enterprise markets only by next year.

The new venture also comes as a part of their recent stride to push forward with the Internet of Things, a measure they are sticking close to revive their smartphone business. The latest report from Sony revealed a loss of around $1.6 billion with their smartphone department.

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