Samsung Gear with Rotating Bezel Coming in a While

August 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It took it’s time, but the smartwatch industry is slowly picking up that people are willing to accept a change in the form factor of watches.

Even with bundles of technologies being packed inside, users still prefer the round form factor. Motorola and LG have already realized this very own fact, and now joining the line is South Korean manufacturer Samsung.

After having witnessed the success of Apple Watch, it would only have been witless had Samsung decided to stick with only hardware upgrades for their Gear-line.


Anyway that won’t be the case, as they have now confirmed the inclusion of a round form-factor for their upcoming smartwatch, the Gear A.

Besides, it will even be having a rotating bezel to make it, by all means, a genuine wristwatch look-alike. It’s not sure of what task the rotating rings might be holding, but reports say that’s Samsung have designed these as fully functional entities.

Of course, we don’t want a diver-centric usage here; the Gear A would be powerful enough to handle all those stuff itself. The info is that Samsung might use the new bezel to be used for zooming purposes, and for gaming purposes.

There have also been rumors about the spec hardware that would get featured on the upcoming device. With an onboard storage of around 4GB, Gear A smartwatches will be running an Exynos 3472 dual-core processor, with a display that projects with a resolution of 360x360pixels.

The battery is billed to be of 250mAH. Samsung will also have the home-grown Tizen OS running inside the device.

We will be open to more info about the smartwatch next month, as Samsung is gearing up to announce the Gear A smartwatches in its Unpacked 2015 event to be held on August 13.

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