Revamped Apple TV to Debut this September with Faster A8 Processor

August 4, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The process of cord-cutting is on peak in America, as most of the viewers are now making their switch from the former pay TV subscriptions to digital media hardware.

And it must be this very fact that’s urging tech giant Apple to usher their Apple TV devices.

If rumors turn true, we will be witnessing a new Apple TV device this September. The Cupertino company is planning to launch a vamped up edition of their media stream device to the markets in an Apple event scheduled during September.


The vamping up means the new device could be featuring better storage and a faster A8 processor. It will also be the first Apple TV device to support Siri in it.

Besides the hardware upgrade, the new Apple TV will also feature a broadened list of media applications in a new App Store, which also includes popular services like NetFlix and Hulu.

The upcoming device will also be bundled with Apple Music, the music stream services from Apple. However, the streaming service from Apple might not find a space in the new device, and is expected to feature only by 2016.

The device will also be a slimmer version of the current line-up, and will feature a remote that would include touchpad support. It will also not include 4K support; Apple still might be believing that the market is not bulky enough for the feature.

The speculations were pulled out by Buzzfeed, which also point out the device was initially planned to be announced at Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference previous month. The plan was later ditched due to the incompletion of works related with the device.

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