Xiaomi Steps into Smartshoe Venture with Li-Ning

August 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple of China might soon have a new pet name; the Nike of China. Back during March, it was reported  that Xiaomi will aid the technology for sporting goods manufacturers Li-Ning to bring out a new range of smartshoe products. It has now got official as the duo has announced that the product has bloomed from their partnership.

A new range of Li-Ning smartshoe products has been now announced by the company. The smartshoe will feature a ‘military grade motion sensor’ to track down the fitness activities of users.


The Bluetooth chip inside the device will setup the connection between the smartshoe device and smartphone, where a dedicated app will analyze various workouts. The app will provide you with details like step counts, calorie counts and many more.

The company has said that the chips used have been designed to last for more than a year. It will also offer water, sweat and pressure resistance.

The product to arrive first is the premiere model of Li-Ning smartshoe, priced at CNY 399 (roughly $64).  A cheaper version of the smartshoe will also be released a week later, which will feature the technology from Xiaomi on an existing design from Li-Ning. The latter is priced at CNY 199 (around $32).

The Chinese electronics manufacturers have also announced the new Mi TV2S 48-inch TV, which features a display supporting 4K resolution at 60Hz frame rate. The device will arrive in a Cinema edition, which is priced higher than of the standard edition.

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