Firechat Doesn’t Rely on Network Signals; Chat Hassle-free

August 3, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Let’s assume you are in conversation with friends on your IM apps. One of the last things you would want to happen would be to have your networks crippled down or to have your data disconnected, leaving you no choice other than to wait for the signals come back.

Switch to this app called Firechat and you are provided with another choice; the choice to keep your chats live even in the absence of any data signal.

Introduced by Open Garden, this smart app doesn’t rely on any of your data inputs to let your messages flow across devices. Instead, the only thing you require is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support enabled in your smartphone devices.


Firechat is that innovative app which sets-up peer to peer mode of info exchange using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to form a chat platform that doesn’t require a working internet connection. People who log-in can instantly have access to those using the app within a range of 70meters, which only gets better with usage of Firechat by greater number of people.

Thanks to the store and forward capability within the app, that a single device acts just like a Wi-Fi extender, extending the range to which your chat messages can traverse.

The multi-hop feature ensures that your messages cross as many number of devices in the inter-meshed network and reach the desired destination without any hurdle.

And there is no issue with privacy either; texts and images are dispatched in an encrypted format so that only the intended user would have the access to view the contents, and not the intermediate devices aiding the chat propagation. You can also use the public chat option if you prefer to send out the messages to all of the connected devices.

Available for iOS and Android, the app has already created waves by aiding its users during many global instances, like helping the users to exchange the evacuation plans during Kashmir flood, even having the entire networks down in their devices.

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