Twitch Gradually Bidding Adieu to Flash Content for HTML5

July 31, 2015, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Flash, the media plug-in provider, is at the receiving end yet again, as popular game-streaming site Twitch has now decided to replace the long-used media player with HTML5.

A new overhaul in the design of Twitch has now come into action, which means more than half of its video player contents previously coupled with Flash would now be ladled out by HTML5 and Javascript.

The move is currently emphasized on switching the controls to new platforms, while keeping the video still running beneath using Flash plug-ins.


The website will slowly be paving the way for HTML5 to replace the Flash videos, explains the blog update from Twitch.

The new player will be phased in to the channel pages in the initial stage. Twitch has also asked the users to be patient if they don’t have access to the upgrade, since the roll out is being driven gradually to users in batches.

The move follows the likes of YouTube who has previously ditched the services of Flash player for HTML5. Over the recent times, Flash player has been subject of backlash following the widespread attacks and vulnerabilities that crippled the media plug-in.

Besides, the move also reflects the prospect of a YouTube-threat being foreseen by Twitch. Recently, YouTube has announced their new gaming-dedicated page which would directly rival the services from Twitch when coming into action.

With YouTube gaming in the offing, it would only be a dicey move for Twitch to stick with Flash and rival with an HTML5-powered service.

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